Winsome Trading Inc

Winsome Trading Inc

Winsome Trading, Inc. has been in business for more than thirty years. Their main operations are located in Woodinville, Washington. With years of experience in designing and manufacturing lifestyle furniture for the home,  the quality of the workmanship can be seen in their pieces. They have several offices and factories located globally which helps to keep cost affordable for the consumers.

Winsome Trading Inc. uses beech wood and various other materials that offer beauty and distinction to their pieces. Ready to assemble carts are multifunctional and very serviceable. The carts they offer are priced at affordable cost for the consumers that are budget savvy yet want quality pieces. They were awarded a 2008 “Partner Award of Excellence” from Target Corporation.

Lifestyle furniture such as the kitchen breakfast bars allows even those with limited space to create a unique setting within people’s homes. It provides us with pieces that can be used in a multitude of ways without feeling as though we are being crowded in our space. With the fast pace of our life today we need to feel the comfort and beauty of our home. Using furniture in our home such as the breakfast bar/cart is just one of the ways to decrease the clutter and increase our feeling of comfort.


With the products that they manufacture for the kitchen such as the kitchen cart you can find other uses that you may want for it. This means that if you grow out of it as a kitchen breakfast bar or cart you will want to keep it for other uses. These pieces are excellent for work stations or tables if you are a crafter or modeler of any sort. It gives you an area to work on without having to put everything away each time you work. There is nothing more discouraging when doing a project than to have to set it up each time.

When you live in a studio apartment or small condo, there never seems to be enough room for a table and chairs but with this line there isn’t a problem. You will have room to share a meal with someone or extra work space if you need it. When you are done everything including the stools folds up smaller and can be moved out of the way.

This company builds their breakfast bar/carts to fit today’s needs of people with small spaces or for those that just need a little something extra. Beauty and functionality are what you get at a price that is affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to get what you need to make life just a little easier.

You can see now all that Winsome Trading, Inc. breakfast bar/carts has to offer for your special place now. Buy one today so that you can start enjoying using it in your home soon. Go ahead and share a cup of coffee or tea with a friend at a table in your home.