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These white kitchen carts  are a great way to get the room you have been looking for. There is nothing like spending time in the kitchen cooking a meal for your family. You find yourself falling into a groove where everything goes smooth as silk. Everything seems just about picture perfect. Well, almost everything anyway. You may catch yourself thinking that if you just had a little more room you would be able to get more done in a shorter time without having to work yourself so hard

The Catskill Craftsmen white kitchen trolley is the perfect way to get that extra bit of countertop and storage space. The great thing is that it still leaves you with the ability to move it where you need it the most. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it as a microwave cart or for preparing dishes for holiday dinners this trolley will offer you a great deal of freedom. Say you want a place to store dishes for special occasions?

Catskill Craftsmen White Kitchen Trolley

Catskill Craftsmen White Kitchen Trolley

The Catskill trolley would work just right for such a task. You could roll it over to the table and set your dishes out. Once done you could then roll it back into place. How does this sound for convenience? Imagine being able to roll your cutting board wherever you needed it. There are many different uses for which it could work perfectly. Another such use could be using it as a serving cart. The only limits to what it could do are the ones your mind places on it.

Kitchen Convenience

This rolling kitchen cart has been built to the exacting standards to which Catskills Craftsmen manufactures each of its products. It has a comfortably classic design. It has also been built to be quite durable and can hold up to use. It is a true testament to the commitment to quality which Catskills espouses. The top of this particular trolley cart model is made out of solid hardwood.

Some of the features of this unit include:

  • An open shelf
  • The cabinet features raised panel doors
  • Satin nickel handles
  • Solid hardwood top with MDF base
  • The casters lock for stability
  • The finish of the base is white lacquer
  • A drawer for storage
  • The overall dimensions of this piece are 34.5″ H x 23.5″ W x 17.5″ D

The base of the unit is made of hardwood composition covered with white lacquer. This gives it a very clean and bright look. It also helps the unit to fit in with most any kitchen décor. The handles on the trolley are very nice looking satin nickel. They lend a very stylish feel to the piece as well. The four casters on the bottom of the trolley allow it to be rolled easily from spot to spot depending on where you need it the most. Now you have a mobile cutting board and storage unit as well, depending on your needs.

Take a look at the Catskill Craftsmen white kitchen cart trolley today. You will quickly see just how this unit can help benefit you. Go now and take advantage of the free shipping!


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