Portable Oak Kitchen Cart Butler– Powell

This portable oak kitchen cart will provide the extra  space you need for your  work projects, or kitchen storage. Many people today could benefit from owning a high quality kitchen cart. One in particular stands out quite well. It is made of solid wood by Powell, and is an exceptional sturdy and functional storage cart for all your needs. I highly recommend this cart  because of its construction and versatility. Before purchasing  you need to find out five things about this rolling oak kitchen cart.

This Medium Oak stained mobile kitchen station is the perfect choice for anyone who wants something that is both functional as well as beautiful. The color is quite exquisite and will blend quite well with your existing décor.

Powell Small Kitchen Butler

Powell Medium Oak Kitchen Cart Butler

A customer from Albany, New York says that “…was something sorely needed in the kitchen, and … was needed to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets.” (buzzillions.com)

No matter if you are using this kitchen butler as a work station, or extra table space it will prove to be quite versatile. The extra cabinet space alone is worth its weight. Why settle for some cheap knockoff when you can have a mobile kitchen cart  made  of solid wood?

Karen from Paris, TN has found a great use for her new kitchen butler. She says “It is an all around handy prep station!” (amazon.com)

No press board has been used here. High quality materials have been used in the construction of this mobile kitchen cart.

Dimensions: 38-5/8″ x 22-1/8″ x 36-3/4” tall

It always seems that no matter how much room you have more is always needed. That is what makes this portable cart so perfect. The high quality casters allow it to be easily moved to wherever you need it. Say you want to use it for a sewing table? No problem, you will have plenty of storage space for your fabric. Just flip up the drop leaf and hook up your machine.

Click on this link to purchase your new Powell Kitchen Butler which will make a great workstation for all food prep and storage of your small kitchen appliances such as your microwave or toaster oven. Take advantage of Amazon’s guarantee and customer service.


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