Kitchen Island Cart Natural Wood-Home Styles

There is never enough room in the kitchen to do all the things that you want to do. When purchasing this Home Styles natural kitchen island with optional stools to your kitchen you will be adding extra space to work. This is a beautiful piece of furniture that is functional and easy to care for. Families can spend more time together in the kitchen by using some of the great features found in this kitchen island. From a  budding new chef to an experienced professional you will love this cart.

The nicest part of this cart is the ability to use it as a place to eat. Two bar stools will fit comfortably on the side of the cart with the lift up top on one side. When not in use  you can fold it down to give you more room in your kitchen. Think how nice it would be to have the children sitting in the kitchen while you are preparing a meal. This allows you to have more time to spend with them to talk about their days’ activities.

Home Styles Natural Kitchen Island with Optional Stools

Home Styles Natural Kitchen Island with Optional Stools

This kitchen island has a lot of storage space. Besides the cabinet there are two drawers. Everyone knows you can never have too much storage space. This is especially true if you love kitchen gadgets that are suppose to do everything but cook food for you! Storage space is also great for those of us who just can’t seem to part with anything. You will love the little nooks in this island.

Beauty and Durability Doesn’t Get Any Better

The style and the use of natural wood make this an island that will fit into any kitchen décor. This cabinet is real wood with the feel and the look that stands out in any kitchen. The top is covered with polyurethane to prevent damage from use. This means that you are getting a piece of furniture that is going to last you for years of great service. Brushed chrome hardware allows you to focus on the wonderful natural wood. That is important in today’s economy.

When you purchase something you want it to not only look good but to be durable and last. You don’t have to worry about moving your island around with the caster wheels on the base. These wheels make it easy to move and to maneuver where you want it, when you want it. Once it is in place it is easy to lock the wheels to keep it from moving or being accidentally moved when bumped.

This definitely makes it easy to put out of the way when you have finished with it. Fold the leaf in when you have finished using the island to conserve space. Having a kitchen island is great for many reasons. It adds counter top work space, storage, and an extra place that you can sit to eat.

Having a piece such as this island is a must so go ahead and buy one now. Take a look at what this Home Styles natural kitchen island with optional stools has to offer and you will agree this is a must have for your kitchen.


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