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Napa Homestyles Kitchen Cart Review

The kitchen cart that’s at home anywhere in the house!

This beautifully crafted natural wood  kitchen island cart is just perfect for those who need a little extra work space.

Home Styles is a well respected manufacturer who specializes in wood and kitchen furniture. With the growing popularity of Home Styles Napa kitchen islands carts, a thorough and in-depth review is needed.



What’s good about it? 


We love the versatility that this kitchen cart offers us! With its solid built-in locking system, it is safe and easy to move this beautiful wood kitchen cart from room to room – depending on where you require it. It is perfect for the summer and the outdoors  but equally, it is perfect for everyday use in the kitchen for additional space.

The solid wood top makes it perfect for food prep. The drawers and cupboards are great for stowing away any additional linens, silverware, pots and pans. There is even a condiment holder!

This practical kitchen island cart comes with two drawers, adjustable shelves and a handy towel rail on the side. The whole design of this kitchen cart on wheels is well thought out and easy to integrate into your kitchen and home.


What is the Napa Kitchen Cart Made of?

This portable kitchen cart is made of solid wood for the top, which is easy to clean and durable. This adds extra counter space which makes it perfect for food preparation.

The frame is solid wood and tough enough to withstand everyday usage. The casters are stainless steel and come with a secure locking system for safety and ease. This Kitchen Islands Cart looks beautiful with a natural wood grain finish.


What does the Napa Kitchen Cart Include

This cart has practicality in bundles!



  • Solid wood construction-adds durability
  • has two deep drawers for storing linens etc
  • two adjustable shelves
  • additional towel rack to the side – it really does have the user in mind
  • stainless steel rolling/lockable casters
  • solid wood top ideal as a cutting board and for food preparation
  • Closing cupboard doors
  • Condiment holder

How to assemble

As with anything of this size and weight, it can be a tad tricky to put together. You will need an additional pair of hands to make sure the assembly is easy and stress-free. The great thing about this kitchen island cart is that the instructions are fool-proof. The designers had a very clever idea and numbered all of the small parts, making it seem less like a puzzle. The clear and precise directions take away all the guess work of assembling this rolling kitchen cart.


Sizes and weights

As with anything of this size and weight, a wooden kitchen cart is going to be heavy – 114lbs actually. This is a lot, especially if you live three floors up! You will need to think carefully about delivery and assembly to ensure you don’t try to lift too much. One solution that works well is to open the packaging and carry the parts up in sections. Although this isn’t ideal, the individual parts to this product are easy to carry.










The dimensions of this Napa Kitchen Cart are:




Height… 35.25″ —-  Perfect for your all your needs.




Wood-Kitchen Islands Carts-Napa

How much does it cost?

At a recommended retail price of nearly $360, this cart isn’t cheap. However, we have found Amazon to consistently have the best price for this kitchen island cart at a price of around $280 – a savings of nearly $100.

How Can It Be Cleaned?


To keep your kitchen cart in tip top condition, simply use a non-abrasive cleaner. This type of cleaner will probably already be in your cupboards, so you shouldn’t have to buy anything especially for this kitchen cart. Before using any cleaner, read the directions to make sure that you can use it on your new cart.

Is it heat resistant?


Solid wood is safe to have oven-hot dishes placed on them without marking the surface. That is one of the many reasons why this kitchen island cart is perfect for all different types of food preparation.

Wood -Kitchen-Islands-Carts-Wood-Top


Things to Think About


The most obvious thing to consider when looking to buy this product is the weight of it. At 114lbs, you will need assistance getting the packaging into your home. There are many ways around this and you may just need to be a little more organized than usual.

The size is the next thing you will need to think about. Imagine how frustrating this would be if you took the time to get this into your home, then  put it together, only to realize that it won’t fit in the area you hoped it would.

Again, a little organization here will solve any surprises!  The measurements on this site are accurate, so simply grab a tape measure and double check before putting your order through. You may wish to think about the pathway it will take to and from your chosen destinations to ensure that this portable, rolling kitchen islands carts can squeeze through all corners.


Does it Come with a Warranty?

Wood-Kitchen-Islands-Carts- Doors

This cart does not come with an extended warranty. However, if you buy it from a reputable retailer, such as Amazon, then if you have any genuine problems with this kitchen cart on wheels they will endeavor to correct it. Homestyles also has  excellent customer service; many consumers in their reviews  said they were exceptional .

Wood-Kitchen-Islands-Carts- Condiment-Holder

Consumers’ reviews of the Napa Kitchen Cart

All over the internet, this cart has a 5 star rating. Many customers are saying it is very sturdy, durable and practical. Perfect for any size kitchen, it is beautiful and a great buy for the price. Words like “perfect,” exceptional price,”  “great buy,” were common words used to describe this cart.

The main comments are:

  • Many customers said that this kitchen cart on wheels is attractive, sturdy, and easy to assemble. It takes about 2 hours with 2 people.
  • They like that it is both portable and stationary with its rolling/locking casters.
  • The two drawers  are perfect for storing linens/silverware. The cupboards are deep and store alot, like small appliances, and pots and pans.
  • Excellent for counter space with ample  storage space.
  • The wood top  can be used as a  cutting board as well as a great place to work on for food prep.
  • The center is made well with attention to detail and looks great in the kitchen.


  • Many said that the exceptional price was why they bought this kitchen islands carts.
  • The adjustable shelves are ideal if you have a larger pot.
  • Many like the fact that you can close the cupboard doors.

Where can you buy the Wood Kitchen Cart?

Our favorite place to buy all kinds of Kitchen Carts is Amazon as they invariably have the best prices. The recommended retail price for this Wood Kitchen Island Cart is around $360 whereas Amazon has it for around $280. So  Amazon is definitely our first port of call! So head over to Amazon and check it out.

Discounts change every day, so check out today’s price now!

Important: We do thorough research to make sure our reviews are accurate , but mistakes do happen.  Before buying a product that was reviewed on our site, please click through to the merchant. That will make sure you are getting the right product with all of the descriptions, as reviewed here.



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