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This Home Styles rolling kitchen island cart with stainless steel top will  add functionality and beauty to your kitchen  There is always a time when you need extra counter space  when preparing meals. This beautiful rolling cart will provide you with the extra space and much more. It fits in with most kitchen decors and shows a true cook lives here.

Functionality and personality is combined in this island cart. The stainless steel top will give you more space to prepare all those wonderful dishes that you and your family love. This is especially true during holidays. Think about how much more room you will have if you like canning or putting up produce that you have raised. Cut down on the time spent trying to decide where you can find another place to put those items you need when prepping food for a meal.

Home Styles Kitchen Island Cart with Stainless Steel Top

Home Styles Kitchen Island Cart with Stainless Steel Top

You have your choice of a heavy stainless steel top or a beautiful natural wooden top. Both are treated to withstand the rigors of use in the kitchen. The natural hardwood of this cart is wonderful with the wood grain and light coloring that will brighten up your kitchen. The hardware is a brushed metal that adds to the distinctive look of the cart.

Rolling Work Station

The island cart is easily movable with caster wheels. This means that you can roll the cart where you need it  increasing its usability. With the caster wheels the cart moves easily across the floor. Once you have it were you want it then you can lock the front wheels to keep it from moving. When you are finished you can easily put the cart where you want to keep it. This makes it convenient and safe.

Storage space is not a problem with your new island. There are two drawers to store smaller items that you use frequently when prepping food. They glide easily and smoothly in and out on metal glides. There are stops on the drawers to prevent you from pulling them out too far and spilling the contents. A convenient towel rack is on one side of the cart making it easy to get to when you need it. There is a slatted middle shelf that is adjustable in height so that you can fit the shelf to your needs. The bottom shelf is solid and offers another storage area.

You will love having the extra room that this cart provides. It is easy to clean and care for and will last for years of great use. Soon you will wonder why you haven’t already gotten one for your kitchen. All of your friends and family will want to know where you got this beautiful island cart from.

Look at just how great the Home Styles kitchen island cart with stainless steel top  has to offer. Go ahead and treat yourself by purchasing one today.


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