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With a Home Styles stainless steel kitchen island cart you add beauty and functionality to your kitchen. Some of the happiest memories and times have been from being in the kitchen whether it was with your mom, dad, or grandmother. Sitting and talking while they worked over a favorite dish or you were helping it is a time remembered. Having the space to do this with your family or friends can be a problem with a lot of the kitchen lay outs today but not with this beautiful kitchen island. You can add more space to work when you need it.

The style of this island is great because it allows you to use it as a cart, if that is what you need or a work station island. You are not stuck with just an island in the middle of your kitchen floor if you don’t want it there. With the caster wheels on the bottom of this cart you can place it where it works best for your needs and desires. These wheels lock in the front so that you don’t have to worry about it rolling away.

Home Styles Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Cart

Home Styles Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Cart

For example you have children that want to make cookies with you but the counter space you have doesn’t work for more than one child. In this scenario you can use the island. This allows you and the children to be around the island together so  you can help each one of them. Once you are through and ready to bake the cookies, cleaning the stainless steel top is easy.  Moving the island to a place where you can pull up the breakfast bar and have the children sit and enjoy eating freshly baked cookies…hot out of the oven!  What better way to spend time together.

Talk About Storage And Beauty

This kitchen island has it all when it comes to storage and beauty. The island has four great drawers for storing all those smaller items with one of them larger than the others. The drawers are on metal glides that have stops to keep you from pulling them out and dumping everything. There are two cabinets with doors on each side of the drawers for more storage space. The hardware is a brushed metal that just adds to the beauty of this piece of furniture.

It is built of hardwood so you know you are getting a quality piece for your kitchen. The natural wood finish lightens and brightens the place it is in. The breakfast bar is also wood and can be raised and lowered as needed. Add a spice rack, towel rack and paper towel rack for a complete center.

This is an awesome beautiful piece of usable  furniture for your kitchen. It is one that will give years of service and pleasure to you and your family. Take a look at this wonderful Home Styles stainless steel kitchen island cart now to see all of the features it offers. Buy one today and you’ll agree it is one of the best purchases you have made for your kitchen.


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