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Everyone deserves a touch of elegance in their lives. A sense of style should not have to cost you an arm and a leg either. This is doubly so when you are talking about furniture. If you have been looking for a way to add just such a touch then this is the piece for you.

This Home Styles  black kitchen cart is extremely versatile. It has a stainless steel top which can take a great deal more abuse than a standard wooden top.

Black Cart with Stainless Steel Top

The Home Styles Black Kitchen Cart w/ Stainless Steel Top

The first question you might have is, will you have to assemble this mobile counter space? The answer is yes. Don’t worry though. Home Styles knows just how to make the process as simple as possible.

DD out of Newport Beach, CA says that assembly was a snap. “Each part is clearly labeled – even the screws are in separate bags & labeled with what they are & what they’re for – no guessing!” (

This portable kitchen trolley is not only easy to put together, it is quite versatile as well. There is a towel rack and paper towel holder as well as a spice rack. Also, there is a drawer and two cabinet doors concealing adjustable shelves. This mobile cart could easily be used as a house cleaning cart. You could keep your cleaning buckets and other large items down below, have your towels and rags right where you need them, and have handy little spray bottles in the spice rack area.

Deborah Parks from Florida was looking for something to help out her mother-in-law who had “recently moved into assisted living and could not reach the microwave oven above the sink.” Deborah wanted to get her something that would look nice. She says that this wonderful Home Styles cart “looks more like a furniture piece than a plain wood cabinet…” (

Whether you place it in your dining room, kitchen or wherever you will soon find that the Home Styles Black Kitchen Cart with its stainless steel top is one outstanding mobile kitchen cart. Click on the link and purchase this cart from Amazon today.


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