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Homestyles Natural Wood Kitchen Cart

Read why every home needs this practical kitchen cart.

Just recently a friend dropped by my home one afternoon for a  visit. As we talked, she ask me what is the best kitchen cart I recommend for beauty, practicality and space-effectiveness. I told her I will research such a kitchen cart. After reading this review, my friend ended up buying this model.

When we design our kitchens or move into our homes, we always think that we have enough cupboard and  work space, and yet two months in, we are struggling for an area to put a hot pan or to chop the veggies!

Best-Kitchen-Carts-on- Wheels-Homestyles -Stainless -Steel -Top

Best-Kitchen-Carts-on- Wheels-Homestyles -Stainless -Steel -Top

We have been promoting this item for a while now and it is easy to see why; everything about this natural wood kitchen island cart screams practicality.This cart is solid wood construction. Owners have applauded the beauty and practicality of this cart. It has locking casters that makes it both mobile and stationary, a  stainless steel top ideal for food preparation, shelves for small appliance storage, and drawers to place utensils. This is an excellent product for the price.  This product  needs a detailed review and here is where you’ll find it!

Once we researched this kitchen cart on wheels, we were mightily impressed as we are sure you will be too. Read on to find out more information…

Let’s Take a Look in More Detail…

This Natural Wood Kitchen Cart is gorgeous. The wood is smooth and hard-wearing and the design and layout of this mobile cart just makes incorporating it into your kitchen a doddle! After a week you’ll wonder how you ever coped without its cleverly placed wine rack or the kitchen cart’s convenient towel rail.

What is Included

This  portable kitchen cart includes all the essential extras to make this practical:

-kitchen carts on wheels

-natural finish

-solid wood construction

-2 utility drawers with metal glides

-adjustable middle shelf/wine rack



-side positioned tea towel rail

-4 heavy duty locking casters

-durable stainless steel top

-thorough instructions on how to assembly this cart

-Bottom shelf for storage of dishes and utensils

Kitchen Islands Carts

Home Styles-Slatted-Shelf-Wood- KitchenCart

Home Styles Wood kitchen Cart-Locking Casters

Home Styles Wood kitchen Carts on wheels








How much should you pay for this cart?

The suggested retail price for this Homestyles kitchen cart  is around the $350mark – expensive! But if you shop around you can bag yourself a bargain. Amazon consistently has the best price for this Natural Wood Kitchen Cart  at around $280.00.

How hard is it to assembly?

As with all items like this, the buying part is relatively easy – it’s the assembling  that takes time. This kitchen cart island comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual which has  step-by-step advice.

As the cart  is made from real, natural, solid wood, the pieces can be heavy. Luckily, it is in easy-to-handle sections so assembly isn’t a strain.

The solid wood guarantees a long-lasting cart and the locking casters wheels at the bottom allow it to be either mobile or still-standing.

Home Styles Wood Kitchen Cart-Towel Rail

Home Styles Wood Kitchen Cart-Towel Rail

How durable is the top?

The cart durable stainless steel top can endure quite a lot. Stainless Steel is what professional chefs and restaurants uses. It is very healthy so bacteria is not easily contained. It is easy to clean..just  spray some soapy water or vinegar on. It is easy to wipe down and doesn’t hold on to stains. If you want the top to remain in perfect condition, just treat it as you would the rest of your kitchen work tops.

Don’t be afraid to put hot pans on it. Like all  surfaces, though, caution should be taken when placing your hot pots or casseroles on this stainless steel top kitchen cart. Remember that it will stay nicer longer if you always use a hot pad or trivet.


What can you use to clean it?

Non-abrasive cleaners do a fab job! Most kitchen cleaners are fine on the stainless steel surface, but if you are worried that your normal kitchen cleaner will harm it, just read the back of the product; they usually state whether they can be used on stainless steel.

What is it Made From?

As mentioned in the title, this  cart is made from wood with a natural finish. This just means that it hasn’t been stained to a darker color. This rolling kitchen cart does have metal runners for the drawers to ensure smooth opening/closing. The casters at the bottom are made from  rubber and metal. They lock in place, yet if you need to roll it someplace else, this portable kitchen cart will easily do just that.

Does it Come with a Warranty?

As this is not a branded or electrical product, it doesn’t come with an extended warranty. However, if you buy it from a reputable retailer, such as Amazon, then if you have any genuine problems with this rolling storage cart they will endeavor to correct it. Homestyles also has  excellent customer service.

Things to Consider

This is quite a large portable kitchen cart, and making sure you have the space in your home is a must.

The dimensions for this unit are:

44″W x 20 1/2″D x 36″H

– a reasonable size for an item that is meant to increase your work space area.


What customers are saying

Across the internet, customers have rated this as a 4.5-5.00 star.

The words “beautiful”, “sturdy”, “practical and “excellent product for your money” are used often.

The main comments are:

Many owners have said that they like this kitchen island cart because it is very easy to move around the kitchen, with its rolling casters.

Because it is solid wood, it is sturdy and well built, and many reviewers were very happy.

The majority of owners said this portable kitchen cart was very easy to assembly, taking 2-3 hours the most.

The outstanding review on this cart was the fact that it added extra storage in places that were much needed.

As a food prep station, many owners said it was just what they needed to extend their kitchen counter space.

The price for this  kitchen cart was  also highly applauded. “An excellent product for the money” was the final conclusion of many.

Where Can You Buy the Natural Wood Kitchen Cart?

Our favorite place to buy all kinds of Kitchen Carts is Amazon as they invariably have the best prices. The recommended retail price for the Natural Wood Kitchen Cart is around $340 where as Amazon has it for around $280. So  Amazon id definitely our first port of call! So head over to Amazon and check it out.

Does it come with a different top?

This exact model of cart is also available with a natural wood top. It is also durable and very beautiful.  You will care for this top as you would any other wood butcher block.



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