Butcher Block Table Classic Country- John Boos

The Butcher Block Table Classic Country  by John Boos is a gorgeous serving table.The one piece of furniture that truly sets off a dining room is the furniture that you place in it, and the profound effect it has  your upon dinner guests.

John Boos Classic Country Butcher Block Table

John Boos Classic Country Butcher Block Table

The John Boos American Heritage classic country butcher block table is based on the simple country design of the multipurpose tables of yesteryear. Once used as an all purpose piece of furniture dining room tables served several different purposes. From butchering meat to sitting around and picking beans these tables saw a great deal of use in their time.

This is the perfect serving table or kitchen work table to showcase those special meals for your guests and family. Imagine having a holiday meal buffet style with each of the dishes set out on this beautiful table for everyone to come by and fill their plates. This would be a meal that everyone would compliment you on for years to come.

Butcher Block Table Cleaning


There are so many different choices to make when it comes to this expertly created table. With the choice of finishes and sizes you will be hard pressed to pick just one. You also have the choice of the number of drawers on the largest table as well as whether or not you want shelves with it. You can even choose to purchase wicker baskets that match the table.

How is this for plenty of say in the level of personalization? Other features that make this table an outstanding purchase include the solid maple that goes into its construction. The butcher top is 1-3/4″ thick and made of hard maple. It is no cheap cut of wood however.

It is top quality edge grain wood that has had an oil finish applied. It is recommended that you oil your butcher block top every three to four weeks for best results. The optional casters you can pick are industrial grade locking style so there are no worries about it moving out from under you when working on it. The various sizes of tables to choose from include the following:

Available Dimensions (all are 1.75″ Deep):

  • 36″ H x 24″ W
  • 48″ H x 24″ W
  • 60″ H x 24″ W
  • 48″ H x 30″ W
  • 60″ H x 30″ W
  • 48″ H x 36″ W
  • 60″ H x 36″ W

You can also choose from eleven different finishes for your top. These include:

  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Barn Red
  • Alabaster
  • Tangerine
  • Caviar Black
  • Eggplant
  • Sporty Blue
  • Warm Cherry Stain
  • Useful Gray Stain
  • Natural Maple

When you choose a John Boos American Heritage classic country butcher block table you will have made an excellent investment. This is one table that will last the test of time. For more information on your new table click above and take advantage of free shipping.


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