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Kitchen Cart and Kitchen Island Basics

Finding the perfect kitchen cart or kitchen island is not as difficult as you think.

Step 1: Always determine what need your Kitchen Cart or Island will meet.

Here is list of the types of kitchen carts and islands to meet your demands:

Rolling Carts – These kitchen carts feature casters that can be locked for added stability.  For entertaining guests these portable carts make excellent serving carts.

Microwave Carts – Microwave carts are a functional and mobile option to use. Instead of taking up precious counter space, these carts are  great for storing appliances in the kitchen. Many of these microwave carts feature overhead storage cabinets or shelves which is an added bonus.

Food Preparation Tables -Prep tables offer the most useful and demanded feature-more space for  many cooks. These tables have longer work surfaces and multi-tiered bases for storage.


Step 2: Determine the Kitchen Cart orKitchen Island Features You Need

Choosing the  design scheme of your kitchen cart or island is very important. Having a choice of natural wood, maple, black, red,, oak, white  or  stainless steel finishes will allow you  those choices.

Drop leaf carts expand space when you need it for food preparation or dining.
Folding kitchen carts are ideal for small spaces. Many  folding kitchen carts are less than 6” thick when folded, perfect for storing behind a door or next to the refrigerator.

Wine storage– allows bottles and glasses to be at your fingertips when you are ready to entertain.

Step 3: Choosing Your Countertop

Granite -is a rich, refined look. It is easy to clean and using it as a cutting board will keep your knives from dulling.

Wood- counter tops provide a casual country look  and a great cutting surface for a relatively low price.

Stainless steel – cleans up easily and gives the kitchen cart a modern look with a sleek smooth cutting surface.

Butcher Block – Most butcher blocks are at least 2 inches thick and do not dull knives. They are wonderful for cutting meat and all food chopping. Below is how to care for your butcher block.  You can also watch the short video.

1)      Wash with soap and rinse
2) Spray with a water-vineagar mixture and let dry
3) Apply “Food Grade Mineral Oil” (available at any hardware store) with 100% cotton towel . 2-5 coats will suffice.
4) Apply an thin layer of bees wax (available at any hardware store100% cotton towel .

Care for you Kitchen Cart or Island

The following care and cleaning tips can help ensure that your kitchen cart or island is sanitary and looks great!

Kitchen Carts with Stainless Steel Countertops


  • Use cleaner such as Dow Fantastic or Glass Plus.
  • Remove scratches with a Brillo pad and move it down surface, with the grain.
  • Remove smudges or streaks using vinegar mixed with water, applied with a soft cloth.


  • Allow liquids or food particles to stand on stainless for prolonged periods.
  • Use chlorine bleach or an abrasive cleaner.

Kitchen Carts with Granite Countertops


  • Clean granite surface with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap, or a mild dishwashing detergent mixed with warm water.
  • Rinse the counter after washing using a soft cloth.
  • Blot up spills immediately.
  • Dust frequently.


  • Use too much soap or cleaner; it will leave streaks.
  • Use acidic or abrasive cleansers such as vinegar, lemon juice, soft cleaners; this will etch the surface.

Kitchen Carts with Butcher Block or Wood Countertops

Butcher Block Tops


  • Once a month, apply an even coat of mineral oil.
  • Apply oil in direction of wood grain, allowing it to soak in for a few minutes before removing any residue with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Scrape the block with a steel scraper or spatula after use to remove 75% of the moisture and prevent deterioration. Afterwards, dry thoroughly.
  • Turn over periodically to allow even usage.


  • Use linseed, tung oils, polyurethane, or varnish
  • Allow moisture of any type to stand on the block for long periods of time.
  • Cut continuously in the same place on your butcher block.

Kitchen Carts with Hardwood Countertops


  • Use a soft cloth and lemon oil polish or lukewarm soapy water.
  • Buff dry.
  • Fill in cracks with a wood filler to deter crumbs from gathering in cracks.


  • Use glass cleaners, commercial waxes, or polishes.
  • Place hot kettles, pots, etc on surface, as they may leave marks.