Meet the Author

I am Romona Weston, a Web publisher who has done much writing on various subjects.

As time passed, I realized that making a trip to the local library takes time, and with many commitments and schedules it is sometimes very difficult to get there. I find myself turning to the Internet for more and more of my information, reviews, research and guides about all topics. Unfortunately, I often couldn’t find what I needed without hours of tedious study or research. One day, I decided to publish the  information that I have accumulated so that others could quickly share in the material that I have compiled. Thus, KitchenCarts360 was created. This blog will continue what I have purposed to accomplished by adding information from all over l the net, as well as from family and friends. I am always looking for new ways to keep consumers informed.

My goals are:

  • To develop strong articles that fully deliver in reader expectation
  • To provide my readers with all the information needed to help them succeed
  • To listen to my readers and develop friendships with them
  • To teach what I know in an absolute manner, free of charge
  • And to provide lasting value for my readers, making their lives easier as they become well-informed and experienced by reading the consumer guides on this website

I know that you will find something of value on this site. Take the time to tour my blog and leave a comment. I love comments!




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